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Skincare Collection


Did you know the name Shea actually originated from Mali, in West Africa!
Yes, Mali's Bambara word for the tree is pronounced “s'i”.
Well, we bring to you straight from our partner village in Mali, our freshly handmade 100% natural, unrefined whipped Shea Butter, known as our Purple Body Butter.

Our Shea Butter is harvested directly from our Shea nut trees, once our Shea nuts are collected, washed, dried, and pounded the nuts are then crushed, roasted, cooled, and formed into a fine mixture. Soon after the Shea butter oil is formed, it is later whipped and uniquely infused with our very own Purple Sea Moss.
We are committed to bringing you nonchemical, nonfertilized, 100% natural products, whilst supporting skills and work in the Motherland.


Purple Body Butter has been found to be a natural way for you to ease eczema systems, itchiness and add extra moisture to dry skin. Purple Body Butter can be used to to help reduce scars, cellulite, rashes, acne, whilst providing a glowing skin appearance.


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These indigenous traditions, herbs and oils have been used in Africa for centuries, as you are here

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