What are the purple/dark brown specks in my Purple body butter?

  • Occasionally In the whipping process, some of the Purple Sea Moss will not fully dissolve so you may see small particles in your blend. 

Why is there different shades of Shea Butter in my blend? 

  • Our Shea Butter contains all natural ingredients, no chemical or preservatives. When Shea nuts mature on the trees, some of the nuts mature faster than others. The nuts that are more mature create darker Shea butter than the younger nuts, the Shea nuts are both combined to create our raw Shea butter, which as a result will have some color variations. 

Why has my Shea Butter melted and can I still use it? 

  • As the Shea butter contains a blend of oils, these oils have a tendency of heating up in hot storage rooms or high-temperature delivery transition. As a result, the shea butter may look darker than its whipped form but is still as effective and ready for usage. 

What temperature should the Shea butter be stored? 

  • At room temperature. (I.e. keep the container in a cool dark place to prevent contamination). No need to store in the refrigerator.

When does my Shea butter expire? 

  • In general, natural Shea butter can be maintained for about two to three years under normal conditions, but In terms of its healing properties, it will be less effective over time. In this case, the Purple body butter is intended shelf life is 1 year. 

Is my Purple body butter Edible? 

  • Intended for Skin only. 

What's the lifespan of each jar? 

  • The price entry point is $35 per 8oz jar. The life span has been tested up to a year and a half with no signs of spoilage. Each jar will last a month or more depending on usage.
Do you ship internationally as well as domestic? 
  • Yes

When will you next restock? 

  • Date to be confirmed, but restock is likely to not be for the next month or so.