My Story:
Nafatarie's Imperial Paradise was created from our personal desire to heal and nourish our skin with the highest quality mineral rich, all natural ingredients.
I personally have suffered from #Eczema since birth. Later on, in life I was left with dark traces of #eczema on my knees and dry skin due to bad weather conditions, not drinking enough water or eating enough fruits at work or home.
I was eating dairy at the time and was not using natural non chemicalized creams. Luckily for me, one of my Husbands professions is a qualified Nurse as well as my Herbalist consultant. He provided me with so many solutions which later inspired his research in a product solution that worked for me and others.  #NafatariesImperialParadise 2019. I am here now showing a before and after pictures of my knees whilst I was still living in the colder location, (United Kingdom). I say this all to say, I aim to help others by sharing something close to my heart. #Confidence is knowing your circumstances made you stronger and feeling amazing #naturally.  I am looking forward to hearing your experience with #nafataries_imperial_paradise
Shea Butter:
My husband Nana Kwame traveled to the mecca of Shea Butter, Mali West Africa and joined a partnership with our women's group to support their endeavors and supply us with the highest quality Unrefined Shea butter. Over the course of 2 and a half years, we worked to create our formulas with great personal success. We are now ready to share our work and hope that everyone will find them as beneficial as we have.